Gators of the Year

The Gator of the Year is awarded at the end of each swim season to a swimmer that has stood out to the Coaches for demonstrating above average qualities. Qualities are as follows (but not limited or restricted to):

  • Loves to swim
  • A good competitor
  • An example of good sportsmanship
  • A leader
  • A mentor
  • A person that will strive to improve themselves
  • A person willing to help others improve
  • A good example to others as a swimmer and as a person
  • A kind person
  • A team player
  • A spirited person
  • A person involved with team activities

Here are the Galt Gators of the Year

Name Year
Helen Carey 2017
Aaron Hicks 2016
Jacob Rodriguez 2015
Rachel Finkes 2014
Sam Meyers 2013
Lily Pilegaard 2012
Andie Moitoza 2011
? 2010
Chase Harvey 2009
Alex Sheldon 2008
Ricky Hegner 2007
Kimberly Smith 2006
Kassie Lizama 2005
Jordan Uyemoto 2004
Jennifer Finkes 2003
Brett Bechthold 2002
Leslie Goodwin 2001