Parent Responsibilities

Parents are responsible for providing a supportive attitude towards all aspects of swimming and ensuring that their child is in attendance at every practice and all meets entered.  Parents should:

1. Understand and accept the philosophy of the Galt Gators.

2. Recognize that each swim family is required to provide a parent volunteer for a minimum of half of each swim meet and time trials. Additional requirements will be needed at Championships.

3. Encourage swimmers to fulfill their team obligations.

4. Register your swimmer for meets in the sign up book ten (10) days prior to the respective meet.  If you are unable to swim at a meet or need to leave a meet early, leave the coaches a note in the “comment” section.  Excessive absences may result in swimmers not being seeded for meets.

5. Actively participate in meets and team functions.  Specifically, each swimmer must be supported by a parent or guardian working at meets and special events for the general good of the program.

6. NEVER INTERRUPT PRACTICE OR GIVE SUGGESTIONS TO SWIMMERS DURING PRACTICE.  Remember that the coaching staff has been trained, interviewed, hired, and directed toward specific goals.  Each practice contains certain criteria that are intended to improve individual swimming skills and our team goals.  The swim team bulletin board has a “mailbox” in order to leave messages for the coaching staff and they will respond to you as soon as possible.

7. Encourage swimmers to discuss problems with the coaches directly.

8. Always check the bulletin board and the family folders.  We will have boxes on deck during each practice that will contain pertinent information about meets, missed ribbons, etc.  Please check them regularly.

9. Seek assistance if their swimmer is unable to resolve a conflict with the coaching staff.  If they are still unable to resolve the conflict, contact the Gator Board who will become the liaison between the parents, swimmer, and coach.