Rules and Regulations

1. Before participating with team practice sessions, each swimmer must be registered with the Galt Parks and Recreation Department.  A copy of each swimmer’s birth certificate is required to be on file.

2. During practice, while the swimmer is under the coach’s instructions, it is essential that parents do not interrupt their child. Parents may attend as spectators only.  They shall watch from designated areas (i.e. bleachers and/or patio table and chairs).  This will prevent any unwanted behavioral problems and will promote a positive coach/swimmer relationship.  If you must talk to your child; please check with the coach first.  Due to the limited time in the water for practices, swimmers must be on time (preferably early) to every practice.  There is no supervision outside the pool area,so please make arrangements to pick up your children immediately after practice.

3. Swimmers will only be allowed in the swimming area 10 minutes before their respective practice times.

4. Children must not interrupt practices already in progress.  To eliminate this, instruct your children to sit in the bleacher area until their practice session is called into the water by the coach.  Swimmers who are disruptive will be asked to leave the pool area.

5. Swimmers are expected to respect their coach and other swimmers.  They are to be courteous to fellow competitors, parents, other teams, and their coaching staff.  Swimmers with difficult attitudes and/or behavior problems will be asked to sit out a portion of their practice.  A swimmer could be dismissed for the day if they are continually problematic with the coach and/or other swimmers.

6. Each swimmer is required to be on time for all swim meets.  If a swimmer is not present at
the designated time for that particular meet, and it is 30 minutes before start time, the swimmer
will be determined absent and scratched (eliminated) from the meet for the day.  Individual
situations will be considered at the discretion of the coaching staff.

7. Parents must sign up swimmers for all swim meets or let the coach know by TUESDAY-
10 DAYS PRIOR TO EACH MEET if their child will or will not be attending.  If the parent does not sign
up a swimmer, the swimmer will not be scheduled to swim in that meet.  If plans change and a
swimmer can or cannot attend the next meet, please call or inform your coach immediately.  If you
have signed your child up to swim in a meet and they do not show, the coaching staff may not
allow them to swim in the next scheduled meet.

8. If a swimmer misses two or more un-excused practices in one week, the swimmer will not be
allowed to participate in that Saturday’s meet.  Individual situations will be considered at the
discretion of the coaching staff.

9. Swimmers are responsible for cleaning up their own area at practices and at swim meets.

10. Each swimmer must swim two events in two conference meets to qualify for championships.

11. Swimmers are responsible for their own transportation to and from meets and practices.

12. The coaches are available for any parent consultation, usually five minutes before and five
minutes after each practice.

13. Team swim suits and team swim caps are MANDATORY FOR ALL MEETS.  Team suits
are required for team pictures.  During practice, any swimsuit and any swim cap will do.  A swim cap is mandatory for swimmers with hair below their ears and/or if their hair becomes an impediment during their swimming.

Coaches’ Disciplinary Guidelines and Procedures

1. The use of foul language, derogatory statements towards teammates, coaches, opposing team members, parents, and/or meet officials, uncooperativeness, fighting, inattentiveness, chronic complaining, or any other unsportsmanlike conduct are grounds for immediate dismissal.  A written citation will be sent home immediately.  It must be signed by the parent and swimmer and be returned to the coach before the swimmer is able to return to a practice session.

2. Repeated misconduct may result in a suspension from practices until a conference is arranged with the swimmer, parent(s), and coach.  The Gator Board will also be informed immediately thereafter as to the results of the conference.

3. If misconduct continues after the above conference, the swimmer will be suspended from practices until a conference is arranged with the swimmer, parent, coach, and the Gator Board.  The President shall preside and the matter shall be reviewed by the Gator Board.  Serious infractions may result in the swimmer being placed on suspension for the remainder of the swim season.

4. Everyone has the potential to be a “WINNER.”  The objective of the program is to give every swimmer the opportunity to become as good as they desire.  The purpose of these guidelines is to insure that this objective is achieved.