Swimmers Responsibilities

Swimmers are responsible for maintaining a COOPERATIVE attitude at all practices, meets and, swimming events. Swimmers should:

1. Respect, listen and follow the instructions of the coach, Parent Board members, Team Parents, Host Officials, all team members, and teams we are competing against at all times.

2. Understand and accept the philosophy of the Galt Gators.

3. Attend practices regularly.

4. Participate at time trials and all meets and events as assigned.

5. Register to swim/not swim meets in the sign up book TEN (10) days prior to the respective meet.  If you are unable to swim at a meet or need to leave a meet early, leave the coaches a note in the “comment” section.  (NOTE: The coach has the prerogative not to swim a swimmer in a meet because of lack of attendance at practices, with or without a written excuse.)

6. Be in the ready area at the proper time.

7. Discuss problems with the coaching staff.

8. Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.

9. Cooperate with the coaching staff at all times.

10. Be ready to begin practices or warm-ups at meets by the designated time.

11. Notify a coach, before practice, if a swimmer needs to leave early.

12. Listen attentively to coaches whenever they are giving instructions.  Swimmers should ask questions before the set begins.

13. Perform practice sets correctly and at the proper level of effort.

14. Understand that foul language, horseplay, unauthorized running, and other such conduct will not be permitted at any time.

15. Understand that disciplinary measures, such as being asked to leave practice, receiving a citation, being excluded from a meet or in extreme cases, being removed from the team, will be taken as a violation of the rules of Good Conduct.