Sign Ups

Sign-up Sheets

  • Time Trials (closed 6-11)
  • Arden Hills @ Galt (closed 5-18)
  • Laguna Creek @ Galt (closed 6-1)
  • Galt @ Dixon (closed 6-7)
  • Arden Park @ Galt (closed 6-15)
  • Sunrise @ Galt (closed 6-21)
  • Galt @ Fulton El Camino (closed 7-5)
  • Championships Saturday (closed 7-9)
  • Championships Sunday (closed 7-9)

Swim Meet Volunteers

All parents are required to work at least one shift at every swim meet (more at Championships). Without parent volunteers, the swim meet CANNOT be held. There are 2 shifts per meet at dual meets. Shifts are approximately 2-3 hours long. Parents NEED TO CHECK IN at 7am at swimmer check-in and again 1/2 hour before your shift with the parent in charge of your volunteer position.

Jobs List

Title Description
Announcer Announces the events and calls for swimmers to the ready bench
Clean up Crew Disassembles all canopies and folds up all tables and chairs. Cleans up in and around the pool area
Clerk of the Course Shall be in charge of the ready bench. All swimmers will report to the clerk of the course when their race is called. The clerk shall notify the referee and scoring desk if a swimmer fails to report to the ready bench
Head Scorer & Reader Keeps track of the scores as the meet progresses by inputting scores into the computer and copies the meet results to a disk and forwards them to the league via the mailbox. Produces a hard copy of the meet results for the visiting team
Head Timer Assures the assignment of all lane timers. Starts an extra watch in case another watch should fail. Listens for a call from a timer whose watch has failed and brings them a back-up watch. Keeps track of all stopwatches
Hospitality Prepares and serves drinks to all the volunteer workers
Lane Timers There are three timers per lane and one back-up timer per team. Timers meet with the starter before the meet begins to check watches and go over the rules. Start the watch when you see the smoke of a start gun or see the flash of the timing system light. Stop the watch when the swimmer completes their stroke
Lane Writers Records the time of the swimmer on the lane card or lane sheet and passes it to the runner
Meet Director Oversees all meet events and ensures all start times begin as stated. Ensures all pre-event meetings are set and all assigned posts are ready to begin. Keeps the meet running smoothly
Meet Referee Official judge for all stroke and turn judges – must have attended a Referee and/or Stroke & Turn clinic. Shall have full authority over all judges and shall assign and instruct them. Decides all challenged DQ’s or questions relating to conduct or rules. Shall signal the starter that all officials are in position so that the race can begin
Ribbon Writers Applies the swimmers’ race times to label on the ribbons. May need to write times on the label if computer is not printing.
Runners Move cards or sheets to the appropriate lanes and makes sure that times are recorded on the cards or sheets. Collects all lane cards or lane sheets at the end of each event and delivers them to the Score Keeper or computer desk
Setup Crew Sets up the meets events. Sets up canopies tables ropes off designated areas if required. Makes sure all flags and lane ropes are set up accordingly
Starter Meets with the timers before the meet begins to check all stopwatches and goes over the rules of timing. Starts each race by (1) Calling to the swimmers “Swimmers step up to the block”; (2) Ask the timers if they are ready “Timers are you ready”; (3) Starts the race with “Take you mark” then shoots the start gun or pushes the timing system button to sound the start. The starter needs to keep the meet running by insuring that he or she is in sync with the announcer on event number and heat.
Stroke & Turn Judges Must have attended a clinic to train in swimming rules and execution of strokes and turns. S & T Judges are the only persons allowed to disqualify a swimmer for improper stroke or turn. They do their best to be fair to all competitors giving the benefit of the doubt to the swimmer. Judges fill out “DQ” slips and give completed slips to the runners to be turned in to the scoring table immediately.
Zoo Parent Helps to supervise swimmers in the designated area just before being called to the ready bench area. The zoo parent will have a list of all the swimmers and their events.