2017 Galt Gator Swim Practices

Date Time Age Group
4/17-6/9 3:45-5:00pm 11 & up
4/17-6/9 5:00-5:45pm 8 & under
4/17-6/9 5:45-6:45 9-10
Morning Practice Begins June 12th
6/12-7/16 6:00-7:00am Early Bird (all ages)
6/12-7/16 7:00-8:15am 9-10
6/12-7/16 8:15-9:45am 11 & up
6/12-7/16 9:45-10:30am 8 & under

Moving Practice Times

If you need to switch to a different practice time, you will need a letter written to the coaches with a reasonable excuse and must be approved by 2 coaches.

In addition, in order to move up a practice time to an older group, you will need a qualifying time based on the long free of the older age group and approval of 2 coaches.

  • 7-8 year old moving to 9-10 practice: 50 freestyle time faster than 36.25 (girls) 35.50 (boys)
  • 9-10 year old moving up to the 11&up practice: 100 freestyle time faster than 1:11.25 (girls) 1:11.00 (boys)

If a swimmer is only going to a different practice for a day (not permanent), you must email or write a note to the coaches in advance  – just a little FYI and must be approved by 2 coaches.


  • Drink plenty of water before, during, and after practices.
  • Do not swim on an empty stomach. Have a small, healthy snack before practice.
  • Swimmers will only be allowed in the pool area 10 minutes before their practice times. There is no supervision outside the pool area, so please make arrangements to pick up your swimmer immediately after their practice.

Watching practice

Workouts are a learning situation and swimmers need to be able to concentrate. Parents are encouraged to remain and watch workouts; however, the coaches ask that you please honor the following requests:

  • Stay clear of the immediate practice areas. Sit in designated locations (tables and chairs, or bleachers).
  • Avoid analyzing practices.
  • Refrain from communicating with your swimmer or the coaches during practices.
  • Remember that we do have a plan for each practice and many times we will be focusing on certain skills/techniques to the exclusion of others. When a coach is in the process of handling a meet, workout, or is working in some capacity with their swimmers, please do not interfere. If you wish to speak with the coach, please contact the individual either before or after practices.

Thank you for your cooperation! ~ Gators Coaching Staff

File Boxes

File folders are set up for each family in file boxes at the Gora Aquatic Center. Please check your file  daily for information from coaches, newsletters and upcoming events. Ribbons will also be in these files the Monday after each meet.